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Richard E. Krohn



Biography of

Richard E. Krohn


            Richard E. Krohn was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  His family moved to Centerville, Michigan for his senior year but in March, he was drafted into the service where he served for 2 ½ years during World War II.  Krohn began his collegiate career at Western Michigan in 1946 and graduated in 1950.  He also earned his Masters Degree from WMU in 1958.

            Krohn began his teaching career at Litchfield in the 1950-51 school year and after his first year, Dick married the former Beryl Hitchcock on June 16, 1951.  The Krohns have two children, Steve and Janis.  Steve is a teacher at Hillsdale High and is married to the former Patti Langs of Jonesvile.  They have made Beryl and Dick grandparents three times.  Janis is married to Jim White and she is employed at Albion Starr Commonwealth.  Both children are also
graduates of Western Michigan. 

During his first three years at Litchfield, Dick taught his Industrial Arts-Shop program in the back half of a barn presently owned by the Gene Vagg family.  Being discouraged with the facilities, Krohn took an Industrial Arts position with the Olivet school system in the 1953-54 school year.

Begining of Krohn Center Rennovations


This group of retired graduates from Litchfield community schools class of 1963 ( Bill Nobles, Gary Smith, and Gene Vagg) met for coffee every Friday for a year and tried to come up with some ideas of how to make a difference for their beloved school and get students coming back to Litchfield. 


Their first idea started with job shadowing, They started  calling on  local business's and working with the School administration, staff and City Manager. They used their own vehicles to transport students back and forth to the different business who  supported this project, because they  believed in the future of our students and the community.  This process identified a need for highly skilled employees for jobs in welding, CNC programming and other jobs for the future. After a few more cups of coffee and brain storming  they pitched the idea and soon the  entire community has embraced it with open arms.  Their leadership with the enthusiastic support  of the School, the Businesses, and most important the volunteers who have put in so much time and effort to make a difference for the future of Litchfield Community this idea has blossomed.  Their vision is being transformed into reality through the Richard E. Krohn center for excellence.




Paint Crew:

  Neal Doty

  Gerry Arno

  Bill Nobles

  Gene Vagg

  Gary Smith


Special Thanks To:

  David Chapman



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